Duck Cam

    Title Duck Cam (Melbourne)
Medium Resin coated b/w paper
Roast Duck as pinhole camera
Dimension print @ 3 x 5 inches
  poster @ 30 x 36 inches
Date 2001
Venue VCA Gallery, Melbourne
    Exhibition view click here
Statement Having to work in China Town for 4 years, I became
  very interested in my Heritage.
  I started to cook and felt belong to this Heritage.
  Fried Rice, Lion Dance, Soy Bean Milk, Dragon...all
  kinds of typical symbols that associates with Chinese
      Culture in the "General Western Eyes".
  I was wondering, "How does a Roast Duck see China
  Town?" So, I went out with the Duck cam to find out
  with this 45 minutes exposure.
  Many people recognized me on the street during the
  exposure, "Aren't you the guy from that Chinese
  Restaurant?" I felt as if I was the duck - the icon of
        China town.
  Duck Cam (Melbourne) is a metaphor of Culture
  Transition - an Australian Duck being cooked in a
  Chinese way. The Duck became the eye of a Chinese
  guy, looking through Melbourne's China Town - wired,
  funny and blur.